Multiple company maintenance service

The Ordered Management system gives us the power to reliably maintain one company or many companies, never missing a filing deadline, always retaining copies of documentation, keeping track of vital information on each registered company. For businesses that own multiple companies we customise our service to maximise efficiency and take the administrative burden away from… Read more »

Confirmation statement and PSC register

Two things which need to be submitted to Companies House each year are the confirmation statement (formerly annual return) and the company accounts. These are two different things. The confirmation statement includes: Details of all officers (directors, company secretaries) What your company does (SIC codes) The registered office address Statement of capital (if your company… Read more »

Asset Lock and Dedication of Profits

A community interest company is, by nature, not-for-profit. This means that the profits of the company must be reinvested into the good work it has set out to do for the community (although directors can be paid for the work they do and shareholders can receive some dividends). Asset lock An ‘asset-locked body’ is an… Read more »


Charities and community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) can claim gift aid (25p for every £1 donated) on certain donations. Whose donations you can claim Gift Aid on You can claim Gift Aid on donations made by individuals who have paid the same amount or more in tax that year. Check with HMRC what information you… Read more »

Sensitive words in company names

When you order your company through us, we’ll: Check the name is available Check the name doesn’t contain sensitive words For the majority of companies, there will be no problem with the name you have chosen. However, in some cases, there will already be a company on the register with a similar name. 1. Check… Read more »