Business Bank Account

What’s a business bank account and do I need one?

Having a bank account dedicated to your business means you can keep track of the company’s transactions and keep the money separate from your personal banking.

Banks offer different kinds of accounts depending on what you need. A business bank account will give you the services you need when running a business.

Which bank should I use?

That’s up to you. All high street banks offer packages suitable for businesses. As with anything, it’s a good idea to shop around, see what’s available and choose the right package for you.

We recommend Barclays and can refer you to them when you register your company through us.

What does a bank account referral involve?

When you register your company through us, you will have the option to ask for a bank account referral. When the company registration is complete, we will send your contact details to Barclays and a local branch will get in contact with you (usually the next working day) to set up your account.

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