How to register as a CASC

Community Amateur Sports Clubs have similar tax benefits to charities, so it can be a financial advantage for sports clubs to register as a CASC. You can also claim Gift Aid on donations made to the CASC (but not on regular membership fees).


  • The club must be registered with the appropriate governing body (e.g. the FA for football).
  • The sport practised must be on the list of HMRC’s eligible sports.
  • Membership must be open to the public.
  • Members of the club must be amateurs.

Once your club is registered as a company, you can apply to HMRC to have the tax benefits of a CASC. You can find the forms you need on the HMRC website.

If your club is already a company limited by guarantee, we can make sure it has the correct Articles of Association (constitution) for you to be able to register as a CASC. If you’re unsure, please contact us.

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