Asset Lock and Dedication of Profits

A community interest company is, by nature, not-for-profit. This means that the profits of the company must be reinvested into the good work it has set out to do for the community (although directors can be paid for the work they do and shareholders can receive some dividends). Asset lock An ‘asset-locked body’ is an… Read more »

Sensitive words in company names

When you order your company through us, we’ll: Check the name is available Check the name doesn’t contain sensitive words For the majority of companies, there will be no problem with the name you have chosen. However, in some cases, there will already be a company on the register with a similar name. 1. Check… Read more »

Limited Partnerships (not limited liability partnerships!)

When you start out in business, you want to make sure you’re choosing the right company set-up. For example, will you choose a company limited by shares or an LLP? If you’re doing charitable work, will a CIO be preferable to a charitable company, or what about a CIC? When you register your company with… Read more »

What information do you need about directors?

When you register your company through us we will ask for the following information for each director/trustee: Full name (as on your ID documents, ie not Dave if your name is David) Residential address (does not have to be a UK address, will not be shown on the public record) Date of birth Nationality Occupation… Read more »

Beware of scams

New companies often receive official-looking letters. Some of these are from Companies House and HMRC; some are not. Make sure you know the difference. One of our clients received the letter below after registering their company last week. The letter looks like a bill and has been made to look official with a red stamp…. Read more »