Charities and community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) can claim gift aid (25p for every £1 donated) on certain donations.

Whose donations you can claim Gift Aid on

You can claim Gift Aid on donations made by individuals who have paid the same amount or more in tax that year. Check with HMRC what information you need to keep records of for claiming Gift Aid.


CASCs can claim Gift Aid on donations but not on membership fees or payments for goods and services.

There are restrictions on what can be claimed for charity events, membership fees, auctions and for church collections. Check HMRC’s website for more details.

How to claim Gift Aid

You can claim online using special software or a spreadsheet of your donations. Or you can apply by post using form ChR1, which you can request from the Charities Helpline.

Useful links

Claiming Gift Aid as a charity or CASC

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