Aims, activities and benefits

When you register a CIC, charity or other company limited by guarantee, Companies House and/or the CIC Regulator will want to know what your aims are, what your activities will be, and who will benefit and how. You may already have a version of this written in a vision statement or constitution.

Here are some examples to help you think about how to word your aims:

A conservation project
(i) encourage and provide support for the conservation of … and their habitats;
(ii) encourage and provide education, training and the dissemination of information about … and their habitats;
(iii) encourage and promote scientific research relating to … conservation;
(iv) encourage, support and engage in fundraising for the furtherance of the above aims.

A preschool group
(i) support healthy child development through play and recreation;
(ii) target services towards (but not exclusively towards) areas identified as deprived;
(iii) review extension of services to other regions as appropriate;
(iv) adhere strictly to the terms of The Children Act 2004.

An arts education programme
(i) bring quality, structured musical tuition and strong production values to young enthusiasts;
(ii) widen the appreciation of music beyond a solo learning experience;
(iii) introduce new and stimulating production concepts to tried and tested teaching techniques;
(iv) provide the services within a social and inclusive environment;
(v) target services to … but then to a wider area.

Support for people from an ethnic minority
(i) support and empower disadvantaged children, women and men from … living in the United Kingdom;
(ii) meet their needs through relieving poverty, sickness or other distress;
(iii) provide facilities for recreation and other leisure-time occupation in the interests of social welfare;
(iv) help them understand and access their legal rights;
(v) enable them to participate fully in society.

Housing or accommodation services
(i) provide safe quality accommodation, social housing, care, support and supervision for those vulnerable adults who are normally unable to access other sources of accommodation, or would otherwise be vulnerable;
(ii) work in partnership with all members of the community, care or health providers and local authorities in relation to the needs for Social Housing and the needs of vulnerable adults;
(iii) promote the independence and good health of our tenants at all times.

A sports centre
(i) provide a community-centric sports and social club in … for the local community;
(ii) provide community sports facilities for the whole of the … community;
(iii) promote sports and healthy living to the people of …;
(iv) promote the sense of community to the people of …

A drug/alcohol rehabilitation centre
(i) offer a first class, cost effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre;
(ii) provide a daily 12-week programme;
(iii) help people recover from addiction to alcohol and drugs using our process based upon the world renowned 12 step recovery program.

An awareness campaign for a particular medical condition
(i) raise awareness of … disease in populations which are at greater risk with the hope that through education and the promotion of tolerance we will be able to ease suffering;
(ii) provide coherent awareness of the adverse effects which … disease has on the health, social, emotional, financial and educational wellbeing of a person who has this disease and in turn the negative impact it presents to the family and care givers who support them.

Employment services
(i) work with employers and job centres to tackle unemployment;
(ii) train people who need employment in skills that will help them to achieve their potential;
(iii) cooperate with job centres to enable unemployed people to have hands-on work experience;
(iv) develop programmes to increase employment opportunities and to enhance skill levels in the community.

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