Beware of scams

New companies often receive official-looking letters. Some of these are from Companies House and HMRC; some are not. Make sure you know the difference.

One of our clients received the letter below after registering their company last week. The letter looks like a bill and has been made to look official with a red stamp. However, this does not have to be paid and has nothing to do with Companies House or any other government department.

New co letter

After doing a little research, we found this post from someone else who had received the same thing and linked to an information page showing that the website was registered by someone outside the UK. The Regist website and the Register of Companies and Businesses is not linked with Companies House in any way. The information they know about your company (incorporation date, company number and registered office address) and the information they provide in the search function on their website is all freely available through the Companies House ‘Get information about a company’ page, so there is no need to pay for this additional service.

Once you register your company with Companies House, you will receive correspondence from HMRC and there will be annual filing to do (confirmation statement and annual accounts), but you will not have to do anything else in order to be registered with Companies House.

If you receive a letter such as this one, think carefully before you act. If you are unsure at all, please contact us.

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