Convert to CIC

Convert to CIC

CICs are specifically intended for not-for-profit social and community enterprises. They are recognised by funding bodies and the process is simpler than registering a charity.

If you already have a private limited company, we can handle every step of the process of converting it to a CIC.

What’s the process?

  1. Fill in the order form and pay online.
  2. We’ll prepare all the paperwork and email you the pages to sign.
  3. Print and sign the appropriate pages and post them back to us.
  4. We’ll send everything off to Companies House and the CIC Regulator, and we’ll pay the fees.
  5. We’ll email you when company registration has been confirmed, then send you the following in the post:
    • Printed certificate
    • Two bound copies of the new Memorandum and Articles

The price includes all Companies House and CIC Regulator fees and all printing. The whole process takes about two weeks.

Please note: If your company is limited by shares, the CIC will be limited by shares. If your company is limited by guarantee, the CIC will be limited by guarantee. You cannot switch between shares and guarantee. If your company is in a different format to the one you want, please contact us.

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£165 inc. Vat