Business Support Services

Business Support Services

As well as registering your company, there are many other services we can offer. If there’s something you’d like advice on that you can’t see here, please contact us.

Registered office service

If you’re not based in the UK or you want to keep your private address off the public record, you can use our address as the registered office address for your company. Companies House, HMRC and the bank will send post to our address and we’ll forward it to you at an address of your choosing.

What’s the address?
55 High Street
BS11 0DW

If you would prefer to have an address in London or another city, please contact us.

Company secretary service

Because we know that most directors just want to get on with running their business and don’t want to worry about Companies House filing, we’ve set up a company maintenance service. We will act as your company secretary and deal with everything at Companies House for you.

Multiple company maintenance service

The Ordered Management system gives us the power to reliably maintain one company or many companies, never missing a filing deadline, always retaining copies of documentation, keeping track of vital information on each registered company. For businesses that own multiple companies we customise our service to maximise efficiency and take the administrative burden away from your staff. Ask for a quotation based on your special business needs.

Corporate seal

It’s less common in UK business today, but some companies choose to mark certain official documents (such as contracts or share certificates) with a corporate seal. If you are going to be doing business outside the UK, it is likely that you will need a company seal or stamp of some kind. The seal you order from us will emboss the company name and incorporation number onto your documents.

Loose-leaf register book

The company secretary or director is responsible for keeping a record of directors, share transfers, minutes, etc. This loose-leaf register book is handy way to keep all of that information organised.

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