Confirmation statement and PSC register

Two things which need to be submitted to Companies House each year are the confirmation statement (formerly annual return) and the company accounts. These are two different things.

The confirmation statement includes:

  • Details of all officers (directors, company secretaries)
  • What your company does (SIC codes)
  • The registered office address
  • Statement of capital (if your company has shares)
  • Details of shareholders
  • A list of who has control in the company (the PSC register, see below)

The confirmation statement has nothing to do with accounts or tax. The company accounts and tax return are different reports which must be submitted separately.

PSC Register

New legislation came in during 2016 to increase transparency in UK businesses. This means that you now have to report to Companies House who has control in your company. These people are called People with Significant Control (PSCs). Who must be included in the PSC register:

  • Anyone who has at least 25% of shares or voting rights
  • Anyone who has the right to appoint or resign the majority of directors
  • Anyone who otherwise exercises significant control over the company

In a small business, it is likely that the PSCs will be the same as the shareholders and directors, and the information which Companies House ask for is the same as what they ask for directors. It is possible for a company to have no PSC (for example if no one has more than 25% of shares or voting rights).

When it is filed

The confirmation statement needs to be completed on the anniversary of when the company was incorporated (or the anniversary of when the last confirmation statement was filed), and you have 14 days to file it. If the confirmation statement is not filed on time, Companies House can strike the company off the register. Therefore, it is important to file it on time!

The confirmation statement should also be filed any time changes are made to the company. This is particularly important if share changes are made, as there is no other way of informing Companies House of such a change. You will only be charged once per year to file the confirmation statement as many times as needed throughout the year (rather than being charged every time you file as was the way with the annual return).

Who can file it

If your company does not have a company secretary, it is the director’s responsibility to keep the company register up to date and to file the confirmation statement.

If we act as your company secretary, we will file the confirmation statement on your behalf each year. The cost of filing the confirmation statement is included in the company secretary fee. We can also file it for you as a one-off. If you would like us to do this, please contact us.

In our experience, company directors prefer to get on with running their business rather than doing paperwork. If we act as your company secretary, you will never have to file a confirmation statement again! We file confirmation statements all the time and have systems in place to remind us when they are due. You won’t need to worry about remembering when to file it or whether you have the time or information you need.

As company secretary, we will do more than just file the confirmation statement. Please see the Business Support Services page for more information.

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