Directors’ responsibilities

As a company director, you will have some important responsibilities. For example, every year, you need to file a confirmation statement and company accounts. These are both things we can help you with as part of the company secretary service.

Here are some other important things to know about company directors:

Who can be a director?

Anyone over the age of 16. Directors can be related to each other, do not have to be British and do not have to live in the UK.

Is there a minimum number of directors?

For companies limited by shares, you can have one director who is also the sole shareholder.

For companies limited by guarantee, there must be at least two directors (trustees). The Charity Commission and some funding bodies prefer at least three and prefer for at least one to be unrelated to the others.

There is no maximum.


There is no tier system for directors as far as the company register is concerned. This means that a new or short-term director has the same rights as a founding director.

If your company is limited by shares, you can change the number of votes each director has by changing the number of shares they each own or by varying the rights associated with different classes of shares. See Share Changes for more details.

If your company is limited by guarantee, each subscriber has one vote each.

Company records

Limited companies are legally required to maintain a register which contains information such as:

  • Register of members, directors and secretaries
  • Directors’ service contracts and indemnities
  • Register of resolutions
  • Contracts relating to purchase of shares
  • Register of debentures

If these records are not kept at the company’s registered address, you need to tell Companies House where they are kept. If we act as your company secretary, we will keep some of these records on your behalf and will inform Companies House of which records we keep.

To help you keep this information organised, you can order a loose-leaf register book when you register your company through us.

You can have as many directors as you wish, and you can add and remove directors via the Companies House website. If you use our company secretary service, we can make share changes and file director changes with Companies House for you.

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