Registered Office and Mail Forwarding

Companies registered in England and Wales must have an address in England or Wales. Companies whose registered office is in Scotland or Northern Ireland are registered with their local Companies House office. In addition to being in the right place, the registered office must be a physical address (i.e. not a PO Box). It can be a residential address. It does not have to be the location where you trade. Companies House, HMRC and banks will send correspondence to the registered office.

Why use a registered office service?

There are two main reasons you might choose to use our registered office service:

  1. You don’t have an address in the UK.
  2. You want to keep your private address private.

It is a personalised service where you choose your delivery address (anywhere in the world) and choose whether to have mail scanned and emailed or sent by post. Sometimes you know something is coming and have special instructions about how it should be handled or where it should be sent – that’s no problem – just let us know. An added advantage is that we can filter out your junk mail!

Mail forwarding

Included in the price is our mail forwarding service. Each week, we will forward any correspondence addressed to you. If the mail forwarding balance is getting low, we’ll tell you in plenty of time so you can top it up.

What’s the address?

Ordman House
31 Arden Close
Bradley Stoke
BS32 8AX

If you would prefer to have an address in London or another city, please contact us.

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